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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver compassionate innovative mental health services that empower individuals and families to overcome barriers and significant life challenges to achieve more fulfilling,
resilient and self-sufficient lives.

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Amanecer Open House storytelling celebration

IMG_1323Happy Hour with a Cause

Last night’s Happy Hour with a Cause was a great success...

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Success Stories

no talking

No talking at the dinner table

“Talking is not allowed at the dinner table.” The counselor looked at Camila quizzically when she made this statement. When Camila sat down to eat with her two little boys, she insisted on silence. “Why?” asked the counselor.

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We remain

a beacon of hope


...that was created to allow young immigrant children to stay in the only country they know as their home. Their value to our society is enormous. Turning our backs on them now is wrong.

We remain a beacon of hope for clients, families and staff.