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Another Day of Hunger and Fear

Another Day of Hunger and FearPaul is a six-year-old boy who came to Amanecer just a few months ago.  He lived with his mother until she collapsed one day and was rushed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with cancer. Since that time, she has been in and out of treatment – and jail. A dispute with a neighbor led to her arrest and incarceration. Paul’s grandmother is taking care of him now; however, she suffers from high blood pressure and chronic illness. The two of them are struggling to survive. They have no source of income, are sleeping on the floor with barely a roof over their heads, and have no way to store food – their refrigerator broke and they have no way to replace it.

Paul worries constantly that the two most important people in his life – his mother and grandmother – will die and leave him all alone.  And he has reacted by refusing to eat, doing poorly at school, suffering recurring nightmares, and biting himself. Such traumatic events would be devastating for anyone to endure. For a six-year-old child, it is unimaginable.

Paul was referred to Amanecer by the hospital treating his mother. He is in intensive therapy through the Children’s Clinic and is receiving the care and support he desperately needs. His case manager and therapist are working hard to help Paul and his grandmother obtain their basic needs – food, utilities, beds, as well as assistance with the family’s legal issues.  Paul is making progress – his nightmares and self-harm actions are subsiding. He is doing better in school and is learning how to manage the incredible stress that has engulfed his life at such a young age.  For Paul and his family, hope is beginning to emerge.

CardAt this time when most of us are looking forward to celebrating the start of the holiday season with friends and loved ones, we invite you to us provide a holiday meal for the families we serve by donating $40 for a grocery gift card.  Click here to make your donation.


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