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14 facts that help explain America's child-migrant crisis, Dara Lind, July 29, 2014

1) The child-migrant “surge” began in 2011, but hit a crisis point this year

2) The current crisis stems from the fact that more children are going from Central America to other countries throughout the region

3) Some of the children who are coming have parents in the US; some of them don’t

4) Mexican children can just be turned back at the border — and many want to start turning back Central American children, too

5) Congress set the rules on dealing with child migrants under the Bush administration

6) Border Patrol is under the most strain in dealing with child migrants

7) The agency responsible for long-term care is dealing with over six times as many children as they have beds for

8) The government uses immigration court to figure out which children are eligible to stay and which aren’t

9) At least half of Central American child migrants should qualify for some form of humanitarian legal status

10) About half of all kids are ultimately allowed to stay — but very few of them are physically being deported

11) There’s an additional crisis of families coming over into Texas

12) For now, the government is detaining families en masse while they wait for their hearings

13) The Obama administration’s goal is to speed up deportations by making the existing process go faster

14) It’s not clear that the crisis can be resolved through “deterrence”

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