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A deep dark secret revealed


healing together

Four generations of women each held a deep dark secret. Daughter, mother, grandmother and great grandmother had been physically and emotionally abused by their husbands. Not one of them knew the other’s secret.

After the mother recovered from a two month coma caused by a severe beating from her husband, Chalice began counseling at Amanecer Community Counseling Service. Slowly the secrets began to unravel. Chalice was proud of the image her husband, herself and their five children portrayed – successful, educated and financially comfortable. The cracks beneath the veneer were the frequent beatings she endured from her husband and her belief she was hiding it from their children.

Chalice and her counselor worked through the layers of trauma and denial, and she discovered over the course of treatment she could care for herself and more importantly, she liked who she was becoming.

As her family watched the transformation, the grandmother admitted she had also suffered from domestic violence. Then the dominos began to fall. The elderly grandmother and the young, recently married daughter confessed to being victims themselves. The final domino to fall was when the abuser’s family called Chalice and apologized for ignoring the signs of trouble.

Every day stories of new beginnings and transformation happen at Amanecer. Sometimes it is a child who is no longer afraid to go to school or an adult who leaves their home for the first time in ten years. Each story makes me proud of what we do at Amanecer and how it makes a difference in our community.

If you would like to help create a “new beginning,” please make a donation today and give someone else a chance for a new start. You will not only be making a difference for them but for our community.


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