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A Life Impacted by Gangs

16-year-old Daniel barely remembers a time when his life wasn’t impacted by gangs. As a child in elementary school, he would pass out from drugs or alcohol given to him by older members of a gang based in Korea Town. Unable to escape the gang’s presence in his community, he eventually joined and became an active member.

At age 13, Daniel and another gang member were caught mugging an elderly woman in the neighborhood.  Placed in the juvenile justice system, Daniel was assigned to a group home, but quickly ran away. He followed several gang members to Las Vegas, where he was soon apprehended by local law enforcement and transferred to Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles for three months. His request for house arrest was denied and he was sentenced to the Dorothy Kirby Detention Center for nine months.

This was a turning point for Daniel. Although his first few months were filled with confrontations, he soon realized that he needed a new course for his life. With the help of his teacher and counselor at the Center, he turned to his schoolwork and soon emerged as a top honors student, earning his high school diploma at age 16. He became involved in debate teams and made PowerPoint presentations on domestic and international economic issues at many public events.  After successfully completing his time at the Center, Daniel returned to his high school to graduate with his class in June.

Currently, David is receiving services through Amanecer’s Wraparound program. He sought out substance abuse treatment and is enrolled in classes at Los Angeles Community College. Although he faces many challenges, including the pressure of living in Korea Town with family and peers who are members of his prior gang, Daniel is committed to graduating from college and pursuing a career that will support the new life he is creating for himself.


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