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Field Clinical Capable Services (FCCS)

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The Field Clinical Capable Services (FCCS) Program of the Adult Clinic provides mental health services in the community to clients who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to receive treatment in our Outpatient Clinic. Often, these clients experience more intense symptoms and are more functionally impaired than other clients in the Outpatient Program. Our treatment teams are sensitive to the issues that can prevent some individuals from accessing care. As a result, mental health services are provided at residences, shelters, senior centers, medical and healthcare facilities, or any location that provides the necessary privacy to conduct a therapy session.

Clients seen in the field or in the office by the FCCS team may receive individual and group therapy, treatment for co-occurring disorders (mental illness and substance use), and medication support services. Our team of case managers assists clients with access to services through a variety of community and government sources, and provide advocacy when needed.

Amanecer partners with many organizations to provide co-located mental health services, including the Los Angeles Mission, Los Angeles Christian Health Center, Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center, The KHEIR Center, Arroyo Vista Family Health Centers, WIC Centers and others.


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