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Many songs have been written about life in Los Angeles. Perhaps none quite as poignant as Witmer, a song about some of LA’s poorest kids in search of their fathers. The songwriter, Christopher Faris, is a former school-based therapist at Amanecer. Now in private practice and a member of The Devious Means band, Christopher based the song on his experience working with children and families living in the Witmer Street area.  The song is compelling and tells a story that, unfortunately, is true for so many of Amanecer’s clients. Read the story behind the lyrics on Christopher’s blog.



by Christopher Faris


Are your children all at home now?

Cause it’s getting dark outsideT

here’s a noise out in the alley

Can you hear it, hear it?

She rushes over to her window

Across the living room

It’s where her bed is

She feels fine
She’s been out, searching for, the man who made him

To come back home
The water on the stove is boiling

And the infant cries in the back

There’s a noise out on Witmer

Can you hear it, hear it?

The neighbors are always yelling

And the televisions on

And it must be hard to study

When the accounts are overdrawn
She’s been out, searching for, the man who made him

To come back home

He’s been out, searching for, the man who made him

To come back home
And the kids, yeah the kids, they wanna know where their Daddy is

Cause Momma’s gonna light a match and burn down the house tonight

And all the girls, and the boys – well they keep on making noise

Scream and shout it out so the world knows that they are alive

The sirens are always singing – Can you hear it, hear it?


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