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Craig Simmons, Board Member 8 years

I knew Amanecer changed people’s lives. I just didn’t realize how much my own life would be impacted by this amazing organization!


Board PresidentI joined Amanecer’s Board excited to support an agency committed to helping a community that was so overlooked and under-served. Soon after, I began to realize the depth of this commitment. I saw the therapists who work tirelessly to help children heal from devastating trauma; the case managers who bring stability and hope back to homeless adults and families. I saw an agency engaged in fighting the stigma of mental illness, dedicated to ensuring access to care for those in need, and determined to eliminating domestic violence.

Every year, more than 40 victims of domestic violence graduate from a 12-month program that helps them set a course for a violence-free, self-sufficient life. Listening to the courageous stories of these survivors was life-changing for me and deepened my conviction to support Amanecer.

A Board Member has issued a $5,000 challenge grant to the Board on behalf of our program for victims of domestic violence. We have an opportunity to bring $10,000 to this incredible program. My personal donation of $250 gets us 10% there!

Won’t you join me in making a contribution of $50 or more? Remember, your gift will be doubled and the benefit is invaluable to victims of domestic violence.

Thank you for considering this request and please call me with any questions.






Anastasia Soare and Craig Simmons
at the 2013 DV Graduation

3 graduates

2013 Graduates

eleanor and graduate

Staff hugging one of
the recent graduates




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