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Daniel Graduates From Wraparound

Daniel came to Amanecer’s Wraparound Program following multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and problems at school, due to his defiant behavior and poor academic performance. His last semester of high school was a struggle and he was not able to graduate with his class. Adding to his stress were many difficulties at home, especially his father’s mental disorder and substance abuse problems. His home life situation was overwhelming for Daniel, causing him to act out through verbalizing homicidal ideation.


At the root of the problem was Daniel’s anger towards his father’s inability to be emotionally present and a “real dad.”


During his two years in Wraparound, Daniel’s life has turned around. He learned coping mechanisms to help deal with his father’s absence and the emotional triggers that provoked his violent behavior. Wraparound staff engaged the support of his family and school to help get him back on track: his grades and behavior drastically improved and he recently graduated from high school. He has not been hospitalized once since his involvement in Wraparound.


Today, Daniel is a very friendly young man who enjoys writing fiction, poems and lyrics, and volunteers at his local parks and recreation center. He recently recorded a song he wrote with one of his friends. As he likes to say, “music is my passion” and he is making plans for a career in the music industry.
Permission was given by Daniel and his mother to tell this story.


Below is a poem written by Daniel about Amanecer’s Wraparound Program.


What I Feel About Wraparound

By Daniel
Smiles all around, while they don’t hold you down

Try to keep you safe and sound, that’s Wraparound
Encourage you to do well, sometimes tell you that you smell

Make sure all is well, that’s Wraparound
Helps with cash, tells you when you’ve been an ass

Try to help you recover fast, that’s Wraparound
They scold you daily, encourage you not to be lazy

Help you with your baby, that’s Wraparound
So if you’re in pain, got death on the brain

Or just plain insane, you need Wraparound




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