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Latinas and Domestic Violence


Latinos are a diverse group, encompassing those born in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as their U.S. born descendants. The following are some specific concerns of Latinas who experience domestic violence.


Women who are deeply religious may believe a violent spouse is their “cross to bear.” Additional pressure to stay derives from the Catholic Church’s ban on divorce. Family members may be particularly unsympathetic when a Latina tries to leave her abusive marriage.

Latinas without economic resources must often rely on public service providers. Yet police and others who attend them seldom offer culturally sensitive response or Spanish language assistant.

Community outreach in Spanish around domestic violence issues is almost non-existent. Few materials are created specifically for Latinas or even translated into Spanish.

A batterer who is a U.S citizen may manipulate and control his immigrant wife by threatening to have her deported if she complains about his violence. He may coerce her to stay with the empty promise of filing her residency papers.

In Mexico a law called “abandono de hogar” punishes women who leave their homes, even to flee violence. Women convicted of “abandoning the home” often lost custody of their children. Some Mexican women who immigrate to the U.S. erroneously believe that this law applies here.


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