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The Basic Necessities for Life

…a new beginning for domestic violence victims


You finally leave an abusive situation.  You are on your own for the first time.  You have just enough money to pay the rent.  Food stamps help you and your children eat.  But there is no money to buy soap, toothpaste, deodorant, toilet paper and feminine hygiene products.


What do you do?


Leaving an abuser is emotionally difficult.  Can you imagine having to worry about buying toilet paper?


Everyday women come through the doors of Amanecer shattered, but determined to reclaim their lives.  What you and I take for granted are huge obstacles for them.


Recently one of our therapists had a client crying because all she wanted was to do her laundry, but she couldn’t afford the soap nor did she have the quarters for the laundromat.


Being able to provide the basic necessities for our clients gives them one less thing to worry about and also gives them dignity to face the world on their own.


Please help us help them.


Next time you go shopping, buy an extra tube of toothpaste and bar of soap and donate it to The Basic Necessities Bank at Amanecer.  This small gesture will make a big difference.



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