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Growing by Leaps and Bounds


“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” This quote, attributed to John F. Kennedy, accompanies every email sent from Teddie Valenzuela, Director of Children’s Services at Amanecer. The positive words are a reflection of Amanecer’s deeply abiding commitment to the children and families of downtown Los Angeles. We are pleased to report that our Children’s Services have grown by leaps and bounds this year, including:


  • Contract expansions over the past two years from Department of Mental Health have resulted in a 41% increase (more than $2.5 million), much of which is bringing Early Intervention & Prevention services to hundreds of at-risk children, youth and families.
  • The agency is now providing local site-based services in 9 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school.
  • All clinical staff in Children’s Services is trained and certified in Evidence-Based Practices.
  • Amanecer was recently recognized as the top-ranked agency in Los Angeles County for client outcomes obtained with Evidence-Based Practices.

The investment in Early Intervention and Prevention (EIP) services will greatly benefit those children and families that are at-risk for child abuse and neglect.  A key benefit of these services is the support and education provided to parents and/or caregivers. The parenting training component helps them develop communication skills, learn tools for setting rules and constructive discipline, and become nurturing, loving parents.  Prevention of child abuse is critical; a focus of many Amanecer programs.

But child abuse and neglect remains a serious issue and a devastating reality for thousands of children. The statistics are staggering; and the fight to end it must be waged on many levels. More resources are needed to ensure sufficient parenting training and support, law enforcement and advocacy, mental health and foster care services. Most importantly, the involvement and commitment of the community is required. Please join us in the fight to end child abuse by supporting Amanecer today.



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