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Gun debate should focus on mental health

Boy with gun collage FLExcerpt from:

Gun debate should focus on mental health

By: MIKE VINSON, Post Columnist

The Murfreesboro Post

November 3, 2013


Does it actually make any difference whether you have five guns or 20 guns, 500 rounds or 5,000 rounds?

What does make a true difference is the mental state of the individual in possession of the gun, clip, and however many rounds. I think lawmakers’ time would be better spent focusing on the mental health crisis in America than attempting to pacify potential voters with ineffective guns laws.

Think about this: You have a 60-year-old, retired U.S. Marine who is a gun collector and owns 100 firearms, everything from a muzzle-loader to a 200-round machine gun.

On the other side of town, you have a wimpy, 14-year-old boy who has been repeatedly bullied at school, and his teachers have failed to intervene.

The wimpy boy gets his hands on a six-shot, Smith & Wesson revolver and heads to school, blind with revenge.

Who is more dangerous?

Of course, you must consider that the retired Marine grew up during a time of sanity – when parents and teachers set and enforced rules.

Rules such as “Do you homework before watching any TV,” could be heard inside homes across the country on any given school night.

However, today, the boy might come from a broken home, live an impoverished existence, and spend his days alone playing video games.

So, isn’t this more about mental health than gun control?


Click here to read the entire article.


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