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Hope and Help

“Incredible Years” and “Dina Dinosaur” may sound like current popular shows for kids, but you won’t find them on any cable TV listing. However, a visit to our Children’s Clinic will introduce you to two of Amanecer’s newest therapy programs for kids and parents.  Both Incredible Years and Dina Dinosaur are part of Amanecer’s new portfolio of Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) now available to our clients.

Dina Dinosaur Children's Program

The shift to EBPs has been progressing through the mental health community for a number of years.  It represents an approach to health care that selects and utilizes practices that are solidly based in systematic research and proven outcomes. For mental health clinics like Amanecer, the transition to EBPs represents a substantial gain in effective therapies and improved outcomes for clients.


Incredible Years helps parents learn effective parenting skills and helps children learn to reduce inappropriate behaviors at home and at school.  Parents of children ages 9-12 meet in small groups over the course of 16-22 weeks and learn valuable skills to help them make better child-rearing decisions.  Research has shown the program’s success in reducing children’s aggression and behavioral problems and increasing their social skills.


Dina Dinosaur uses a team of colorful puppets to help children (ages 4-8) learn how to make new friends, follow rules, understand and detect feelings, and problem-solve.  Responses from clients have been gratifying, according to Director of Children’s Services, Teddie Valenzuela, L.C.S.W. “Parents are delighted to learn not only how to manage their child’s behavior, but how to play with them,” Teddie observed. “For many parents, this is the first time they have ever received guidance in how to positively interact with their children. They are deeply grateful for Amanecer’s help and the hope they now have for their family’s quality of life.”


Incredible Years and Dina Dinosaur are facilitated by certified staff members, all of whom are bilingual/bicultural to ensure sensitivity to the primarily Latino population we serve.


Trauma-Focused Cognitive Therapy (TF-CBT) is another highly effective EBP now available to children and families that have experienced traumatic events such as neglect, sexual or physical abuse, domestic violence or torture.  The 13-18 week program provides therapy, support and techniques to help children cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, including hyper-vigilance, avoidance of thoughts and feelings associated with the traumatic event, nightmares, dreams or feelings that the event is reoccurring, and acting out or behavior problems.


Amanecer clinical staff has found the transition to EBPs both exhilarating and challenging, according to Teddie. “Expanding skills, implementing new treatment programs, and, most importantly, seeing positive results for clients has made the process tremendously worthwhile, she stated. “Our therapists have gained confidence in their skills, as well as the new EBPs, all of which translates into a more successful experience for our clients.”


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