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How you can help the children in Los Angeles

children at fence

Our borders may be in crisis.

But for the children who journey to them, crisis does not begin to tell their story.


The children who find themselves at our borders escaped from unimaginable terror in their home countries.  Many were victims of criminal gangs. Others watched the torture and murder of their families. Fearing for their lives, they embarked on a brutal journey to the United States at the hands of dangerous ‘coyotes’ and traffickers. Along the way, they were subjected to physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Their hopes for a better life quickly dwindled, as they clung only to a hope for survival.


One journey ends – another begins.

Making it across the border did not end their journey. From border shelters, the children were transported to other shelters across the U.S. More than 3,000 children are now living in Southern California. When possible, the children are placed with a sponsor – a family member or friend – who agrees to shelter the child while they wait for an immigration court hearing; a process that can take up to two years.

But, there is no escape from the brutality the children witnessed or endured. More than 75% experience depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their horrific journey. They suffer from nightmares, hyper-vigilance, acting out behaviors, chronic headaches/stomachaches, sleep and eating disorders. Sponsors are often unwilling or unable to continue housing a child experiencing such difficulties.

Hope beyond survival.

Amanecer is leading the way to help these children recover from the trauma they have endured. We are partnering with Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project to reach children when they arrive at a shelter. Children share their stories with caring therapists and case managers who speak their language and guide them through their traumatic experiences with compassion and understanding. And, help them build the resiliency they will need to face an uncertain future.


How you can help

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