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Message from our Founder, Dr. Cecil Hoffman


Dr. Cecil Hoffman

Dr. Cecil Hoffman, Founder

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the newly updated website for Amanecer. The agency has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding in 1975.  Although more than three decades have passed, the mission of the agency and the commitment of staff and Board remain very much grounded in the core values established years ago.


Amanecer began with a simple belief: the life restoring benefits of individual and family counseling should be available to all who need this help.  It stemmed from the recognition of the glaring shortage of affordable psychiatric and psychological services for people living in central Los Angeles – a high need, underserved part of the city, which is still the case today.  With help from USC and many concerned volunteers – including a number of successful mental health professionals who donated their services – Community Counseling Services of Los Angeles (CCS) was formed.


Donations from many caring friends and associates were given, particularly United University Church, USC, which provided space for the new agency on the second floor of their building.  These and other donations covered our minimal operating costs and allowed us to see adult clients for a minimal fee or on a sliding scale.


My wife, Pat Hoffman, served as administrator, bookkeeper and community liaison during those early years. And thanks to her persistent advocacy and activism, CCS started working with the growing Latino community in the area.  We began offering bilingual/bicultural counseling services to this population – a first for the area! – and gained a solid reputation as a provider of therapeutic services for the Latino community.  Gratefully, this tradition continues today and is an integral component of Amanecer’s mission.


Change and continuity is reflected in the name Amanecer, which means “a new beginning.”


Since its founding the agency has responded to changing community needs and adapted to the ever-changing availability of funding sources.  Some of the earlier programs are missing from the landscape, but many new and wonderful services are now helping even more people.  Some of the earlier programs are missing from the landscape, but many new and wonderful services are now helping even more people.  I had always hoped that CCS would someday offer services for children.  Now Amanecer has an impressive and effective array of outpatient services for children, teens and families.


As you explore Amanecer through this website, please consider how you might contribute to the incredible work that is accomplished on behalf of those in need.  I encourage you to learn more, get involved and join an amazing organization that is deeply committed to service, compassion and hope.

Cecil Hoffman, Ph.D.



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