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No talking at the dinner table

no talking


“Talking is not allowed at the dinner table.” The counselor looked at Camila quizzically when she made this statement. When Camila sat down to eat with her two little boys, she insisted on silence. “Why?” asked the counselor.

For years, Camila had been a prisoner in her own home. She was locked in her bedroom, beaten by her boyfriend, and even had her shoes taken away to make escaping difficult. Often she required assistance when using the bathroom and hand feeding by her own child due to the severe injuries to her face and hands. She was under constant surveillance by her boyfriend’s mother and brother when he left for work. They didn’t want her to cause them any trouble.

A year later (after she made her escape by running barefoot to a nearby laundromat), she sat in her counselor’s office at Amanecer Community Counseling Service. Suddenly she realized that the “no talking” rule was a holdover from her days of living with her abuser. She began to smile. “My little boys always want to tell me about their day at school. Tonight I will let them.”

Camila has made tremendous progress. She won custody of her two children, is learning English, and has a job. She is one of many who found a “new beginning” at Amanecer. Sometimes it is a child traumatized from witnessing a crime or a teenager trying to leave a gang. Each has a unique story about their journey from chaos and pain to a new life.

If you would like to help create a “new beginning,” please make a donation today and give someone else a chance for a new start. You will not only be making a difference for them but for our community.


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