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Short-Term Treatment Provides Dramatic Results

Jane for web

As a teenager, Jane often found herself at odds with friends and family due to her explosive anger. She was quick to act out verbally and violently, and yet was not always certain about the cause of her anger. When she began therapy as an adult, she was also experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder, as well as audio and visual hallucinations. Jane was intelligent and hard-working; in spite of her struggle with mental illness.

Now in her early 50s and after more than 20 years in treatment, Jane began receiving services through Amanecer’s Adult Clinic. She was treated with Prolonged Exposure Therapy, an evidence-based practice used for individuals experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. After 13 sessions, Jane no longer experienced angry outburst and acquired the skills to handle challenging situations successfully and without resorting to anger. Following her treatment, she rarely experiences hallucinations. When they do occur, the length and intensity is greatly diminished; allowing her to notice the presence without it causing a disruption to her life. Jane’s treatment has helped her to regain control over important aspects of her life and to move forward with new found hope and resiliency.


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