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Say It Loud: No Abuse


No one expected that Miguel could be a victim of abuse at the hands of his girlfriend. After all, the thirty-year-old was a former gang member and had done time in prison. When his friends pressed him about his black eye, bruises and broken bones, he lied. How could he tell them that his pregnant girlfriend was his abuser? When his son was born, Miguel jumped at the chance to escape. He and his infant son found a safe place to live, and Miguel began his role as a single dad. But it wasn’t easy escaping the emotional impact of the abuse he had suffered. He felt ashamed of being an abused man. He desperately wanted someone to talk to who could help him understand what he had gone through – and how the situation could have been avoided. Most importantly, he feared for his son. He could not bear the thought of his son suffering such abuse or ever becoming an abuser.

Miguel found the support and help he needed at Amanecer. Although most of the participants in the agency’s program for victims of domestic violence are women, our staff understands that anyone can be a victim of abuse. Through counseling, case management, and parenting training, Miguel’s rebuilt his self-esteem and is determined to provide a better life for himself and his son.

At the recently held ceremony for graduates of the domestic violence program, Miguel shared his story with the guests. His closing comments speak clearly to the path he is now on:

“It feels good to raise my son in an environment where I can teach him how to be a man and not make the same mistakes I made in my youth. We have to learn a better way to get our message across other than abusing or hurting the very people we claim to love. We need to admit to ourselves that there is a problem and we need to accept the fact that counseling is a part of the solution. We have a choice and a voice…it is what we do with it that counts.”


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