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yolanda story

Art gives a child a voice

Ten-year-old Yolanda rarely spoke more than a few words. Her family was large and she was overshadowed by older siblings. School was especially difficult; she spent most of her time alone on the playground.

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Abril for web

Border Crossing Nightmare

Abril was ten years old when her mother left their home in Mexico to escape her abusive parents. Unfortunately, Abril was left behind with the grandparents and suffered abuse at their hands. When her mother learned …

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David's Success Story

A Life Impacted by Gangs

16-year-old Daniel barely remembers a time when his life wasn’t impacted by gangs. As a child in elementary school, he would pass out from drugs or alcohol given to him by older members of a gang based in Korea Town. Unable to escape the gang’s presence in his community, he eventually joined and became an active member.

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When 7-year-old Sam arrived at Amanecer three years ago, his behavior was ‘out of control’. He threw temper tantrums in stores and caused major disruptions at school. He could not get along with his classmates and would hit, bite and kick his teacher. At home, he threw things out of anger and screamed at his mom when she would try to correct him.

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“I need to reclaim my life,” Andrea said quietly to her case manager. It was a simple statement, but one filled with anguish and desperation. For nine years, Andrea had struggled to survive in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.

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DanielFor Web

Daniel Graduates From Wraparound

Daniel came to Amanecer’s Wraparound Program following multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and problems at school, due to his defiant behavior and poor academic performance. His last semester of high school was a struggle and he was not able to graduate with his class. Adding to his stress were many difficulties at home, especially his father’s mental disorder and substance abuse problems. His home life situation was overwhelming for Daniel, causing him to act out through verbalizing homicidal ideation.

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Joey and His Mother Edessa

Joey was diagnosed in the 4th grade with ADHD and mild autism. Since the family did not have the financial resources to get Joey help, he was referred to Amanecer and went to weekly therapy sessions. He also joined CityScape at Amanecer, an art therapy program.

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