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Trauma Care at Amanecer

web story 2Individuals who have experienced trauma carry their negative feelings with them everywhere, including when they walk down a sidewalk, get on a bus, and stand in line at a grocery store.  Although they may seem normal as they live their everyday lives, they are actually anxious, on edge, and frightened. Their trauma may be replaying repeatedly in their minds.  The fear following a traumatic event can be as bad or worse than the emotions they experienced from the trauma.


Amanecer recognizes the vulnerability of traumatized individuals and seeks to create a safe environment for those who come to the agency for help.  It begins when they enter the reception-area, speak to support staff, and walk through our offices.  Simple acts, such as greeting clients with a smile or adjusting the spacing between chairs in the waiting room, are intended to make each person as comfortable as possible.


More than two years ago, Amanecer participated in a year-long training course to become a Trauma-Informed Community through the National Council for Behavioral Health. Since then, we have continued sustainability training through an energetic and active committee that meets monthly to assess progress and identify how to keep improving our efforts.


The committee’s latest project was an afternoon open house for providers, clients, and staff to learn exactly what makes a Trauma-Informed Community.  Information booths were placed throughout the gathering area, each staffed by committee members who explained the seven domains that reflect the core values of a Trauma-Informed Community:


  • Safe, calm, and secure environment with supportive care
  • System-wide understanding of trauma prevalence, impact, and trauma-informed practices
  • Cultural competence and cultural humility
  • Consumer voice, choice, and self-advocacy
  • Recovery that is consumer-driven and delivers trauma-specific services
  • Healing, hopeful, honest, and trusting relationships


“Our committee worked hard to create an informative event,” said Teddie Valenzuela, Chief Program Officer and organizer of the Trauma-Informed Community Open House. “It was exhilarating to see our partner agencies and staff members visiting each table to learn more about what we really do for clients. Becoming a Trauma-Informed Community agency truly represents Amanecer’s vision.”


Photos from Open House on August 16, 2018









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