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Treating Traumatized Children at Amanecer

child in swingWhen working with traumatized children at Amanecer, we use grounded and proven treatment plans with a shorter time-frame compared to traditional therapy. Because the 12-14 week sessions are cost-effective, it allows more children access to desperately needed treatment.

Our clinicians have available to them the most current scientific information and measurement tools to help them determine the appropriate treatment for their clients. They are also able to track and evaluate progress and make informed changes when necessary to the treatment process. Work is done both in the clinic and in the field such as a home. This helps reduce missed appointments and increase session frequency if necessary.

This has proven to be highly effective in treating emotional disorders in children who have had a traumatic life event. The “one-size-does-not-fit-all” approach has provided an increase in the program’s overall effectiveness.

Our treatment plans also provide opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s therapy. Parents are equipped with valuable skills and insights that can benefit their entire family, a significant advantage for indigent families that would otherwise have no access to parenting support. Ultimately, their child has a far greater chance of recovering from a traumatic event because of the parent’s involvement in the process.


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