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What choice would you make if it was your child?

teen boy

Roberto’s stepfather was assassinated with 20 bullets in his own home in El Salvador by a violent street gang because his father refused to help them traffic drugs. Roberto was not home at the time of the slaying. His mother and uncle immediately made arrangements to send Roberto to the United States with the help of multiple Coyotes with the hopes of saving his life.


What would you have done if Roberto was your son?


After a month long journey through Mexico facing many dangers with little food, Roberto crossed the US border in a car driven by a coyote that crashed injuring four of the occupants. Robert suffered a broken arm and leg contusions. At this point he no longer had any desire to find more energy from within and surrendered to the US Immigration. He was detained in a youth center in Texas and was connected with his aunt in Los Angeles who agreed to sponsor him while he passed through the immigration court process. The prosecutor will seek deportation and Roberto’s defense attorney, if his aunt can afford one, will seek asylum options. Roberto thinks about suicide but has made no attempts. He suffers from chronic depression.

At Amanecer, Roberto has participated in a group of four other teens who fled from Central America. He has made positive improvements resulting in decreased depression and anxiety and he is able to talk about his traumas with more ease. He hopes that he will be granted Asylum as he believes his life would be a risk in El Salvador.


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