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What our clients say about us.

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Quarterly, we survey random clients and then submit our finding to the Department of Mental Health. Below are answers to a question asked of parents of the kids in the Children’s Clinic.


What has been the most helpful thing about the services you and your child received over the last six months?


His behavior and tantrums have improved.

That he has changed his way of interacting with others.

We just started, but I have seen some improvement already.

My therapist has a lot of patience and before we had these blessed therapies, everything was more difficult and my daughter’s behavior was worse, but thanks to the consultations she is improving a lot and I thank her a lot.

That my daughter used to fight and beat her sisters a lot and now she is much better with this problem.

They give me the help I need to handle different situations with my son. How to understand him better and what I should do.

Because the therapist listens and understands, what I explain about my child.

They help me calm down and talk well with my son and understand him better.

To have better communication with my children and it has helped me a lot to manage my stress.

To be able to understand my daughter a bit and how to help her.

Listening to the experiences of the other moms in the class helps me to feel that I am not the only one with problems with my daughter.

Support and with whom to talk about my daughter’s problems.

Very good and it has helped me to improve difficult moments.

That my son values that he’s worthy of himself.

Because he doesn’t fight much anymore.

It helped me how to handle his character.

How to deal with my son’s tantrums.


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