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Wraparound Celebrates Five Years of Success

Irma Hernandez and Maria Hernandez, Wraparound Facilitator and Child & Family Specialist

In June 2006, Amanecer launched the Wraparound Program to provide intensive support and therapy to six children with serious emotional problems and their families. The program’s initial success led to more referrals each year. Five years later, the number of clients now served through the program is nearly six times greater: 34 children and families are receiving care in 2011.
“Wraparound’s growth is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of our treatment teams,” says Teddie Valenzuela, Director of Children’s Programs.
“This is one of the most challenging programs we offer,” she continued. “Success is dependent upon our clients’ willingness to make significant changes in their lives. Their commitment is inspiring and fuels our desire to help each family succeed.”
Wraparound focuses on children and teens that are involved with the Department of Children and Family Services and the Probation Department due to emotional or behavioral problems that are impacting their ability to live with their family.  To avoid out-of-home placement, a child is referred to Wraparound where the focus is to build upon a family’s strengths to support the child and keep the family together.  Specific outcomes may vary for each family, but Wraparound’s priority goals are to: Place or maintain a child in a permanent family Ensure a child’s safety within the family Demonstrate a child’s improved behavior and mental health; and progress in social and academic settings Ensure the family can provide care for the child through community-based services and support Avoid institutional care or reduce the length of stay
Guiding the Wraparound process is a specialized treatment team that consists of a Facilitator, Child/Family Specialist and Parent Partner – each of whom has very specific responsibilities and goals for working with each child and family. A Program Coordinator oversees the service delivery, managing the current roster of 34 children and family clients. Since 2006, 28 families have graduated from the program. In 2009, the agency began providing Tier II Wraparound – more than 30 children and families received services during the first two years; currently 10 are enrolled the program.  Earlier this year, Amanecer was awarded a contract expansion for Wraparound to begin providing the program in Central Los Angeles neighborhoods.


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