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Because of Amanecer



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Since beginning in 1975, we have had thousands of success stories. In preparation for our 40th anniversary, we asked some of our current clients to finish the sentence, Because of Amanecer…….

The answers are priceless and clearly demonstrates what we do.  Here are a few from the children’s clinic:


I know how to keep calm and use my words. Carlos, Age 6

You help teach me how to better relax and breathe in and out. I want to teach my mom to help her relax too. Dennis, age 9

Now I am a super strong person. I smile all the time. Ning, age 6

I am not afraid to go to school anymore. Laurie, age 7

I am glad that I have found a place to speak about the events that happened back home (Honduras). I feel like I am now processing awful memories that I did not realize were bothering me. Alex, age 15

Thank you for helping me open-up about my feelings. I had never been comfortable speaking about my situation and the violence I had experienced growing up. I feel accomplished. Ryan, age 19

I learned I am still loved when my parents are mad at me when I behaved bad at school. Filipe, age 11

I learned that I am lovable and I am now able to love myself. Holly, age 15

Me and mom don’t yell. We talk. Lily, age 11

I feel happy when I’m with my mom. Daisy, age 9

I learned how to use my voice. I am proud to say what I need. Bobby, age 6

I learned how to face my anxiety. I can go to school without having any accidents and have made lots of friends. Mary, age 10

I learned that situations that have happened were not my fault. I don’t get in trouble at school anymore because I am not angry and the rules. Jacob, age 10

I am able to advocate for myself to re-enroll in school. I have perfect attendance and am motivated to graduate high school. Jessica, age 16

I realized that I can live life differently. I no longer experience nightmare and flashbacks. I love my son and I am happy. Ellie, age 16

I can play and not feel scared of my memories. Isaac, age 7

I know I should be loved. Liza, age 9


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